Parental Controls on the iPad

If you own an iPad and have kids, it’s a good idea to make your iPad kid-safe as soon as possible. This video from will offer some tips on child-proofing your iPad.

Stolen drain covers have parents worried

Stolen drain covers have parents worried


Weet-Bix Brings Rugby Home

When a boy who dreams of nothing but rugby gets a visit from members of his favorite team, amazing things happen. Weet-Bix and New Zealand team The All Blacks worked together to give a boy the best breakfast ever. Captain Richie McCaw and his All Blacks teammates Ben Franks, Wyatt Crockett, Tom Taylor and Frank Halai show up one morning at young Bailey’s breakfast table.  See what happens below, thanks to Wee-Bix.

It’s All About The Nipple

Tia and Tamara Mowry talk about nipples. Baby bottle nipples, that is. With each baby having different needs, one thing’s for sure. Babies like bottle nipples that are closest to mom’s. Thanks to Playtex’s simple design, moms can mix and match bottles and nipples to give their baby the best feeding experience.

Oreo Snack Hacks

Make something new for your kids with these Oreo hacks. Delicious, nutritious and different, the Oreo hack will shock your kids and make them happy. In this video, learn how to make Oreos into tortilla chips for a snack no one will see coming. Visit Tumblr for more great ideas at

Kay’s Kitchen

LouAna Cooking Oil has teamed up with Duck Dynasty’s beloved Miss Kay for a look inside her kitchen. Miss Kay welcomes viewers into her heart and mind in a very open discussion about her love for family and cooking. She shares some of her favorite recipes and stories, making everyone feel warm and welcome. Visit LouAna Oils Facebook page for more content and recipes.

Toyota’s Most Wanted

Ever want to meet a Muppet? Terry Crews inadvertently gets that chance when he stops to help a broken down bus and gets more than he bargained for. His 2014 Toyota Highlander gets filled with Muppets in an event that is anything but boring. Watch as they transform him from mundane to insane as there’s #NoRoomForBoring.

Goldie Blox Makes Engineering Fun And Accessible to Growing Minds

Goldie Blox, a finalist for Intuit’s Small Business, Big Game campaign, offers an interesting approach when it comes to engaging young minds in the field of engineering. Through reading and story, the goal is to offer young girls another outlet to let out their creativity and expand their minds. As a mother, this gives me peace of mind knowing that I can offer my children something which will not only tickle their imagination but provide them with real life skills and an understanding of how the world works.

Smile, Shake It and Win

Win $500 in gift cards just by smiling and shaking it with Domino Saints and Honey Bunches of Oats. Visit for the chance to win. Simply create a 15 second video of Smile While You Shake It along with a blog post and social media mentions, and you could win. Check out Domino Saints video below, then get to work smiling and shaking it your way.

Honda’s Starting Something Special

What happens when a family that owns 20 Hondas has a wedding? Well, according to Honda, clearly it’s a time to “Start Something Special”. With the assistance of family members as far as Ireland, Honda made Mairead and Kevin’s wedding more than a dream come true, making memories that will last forever. Honda takes customer loyalty to heart and wants to ensure that Honda drivers know they’re valued. See just how far Honda went in the following video:

Be a part of Something Special by visiting and sharing your Honda experiences.

Cheetos Mixes It Up With Despicable Me 2

Chances are you saw Gru and his adorable little minions take over the screen, and you’re probably anxious to see them return in “Despicable Me 2”. In honor of their return, Cheetos introduces Mix-Ups, a crazy fun mixed bag of flavor, available in Salsa Picante, Chipotle Cheddar, Jalapeño Cheddar and Cheddar. And, if that wasn’t great enough, they’re also offering a chance to win a family vacation to Universal Orlando. All you have to do is visit for your chance to take a ride on the wild side.

Bringing The Best of France at the Best Price

The Bordeaux wine region, located in the southwest of France near the Atlantic coast, is an ideal setting for grape growing. White wines generally account for about a tenth of the region’s production. [Read more…]