Ways For Moms To Make and Save Extra Money

With the rising prices of gasoline and everything in between, sometimes a full time job isn’t enough. Oh, if money only grew on trees! How many times a week have you said that to yourself or your children? Here are some simple ways to make a buck – in a sense. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to find another part-time job, but mindful ways to save the money you typically spend! There are also ways to make money by doing something you love. Imagine that! Making money working on a favorite hobby!  Call it “funny money”. The easy extra money that save or make may surprise you!


  1. Smoker? Break the habit! I know, easier said than done. After all, a cigarette makes your life so much easier to deal with in those stressful situations. A cigarette goes well with coffee and good conversation. That is all a state of mind. There is no drug in nicotine that is known to “calm your nerves”. A cup of coffee goes well with conversation, minus the smell of cigarettes on your clothing. Imagine how much better your coffee will taste once you break the habit? One of the biggest advantages besides potentially adding years t your life? MONEY! If you smoke one pack of cigarettes per day that averages out to an estimated $145.00 per month! That can be used for a car payment, a utility bill, school clothes, or a day at the salon! If you save that money up for an entire year, that is nearly $1800 saved. Hello, Disney World! Hello, contribution to a college tuition! The habit will be hard to break in the beginning, but think money! Most importantly, think family!
  2. Selling Crafts Online: If you are a “crafty mom,” you no longer have to venture out at 5 Am to make it to a local or long-distance craft fair or flea market! Your customer base can stretch across the world!. Sites like etsy.com give you the opportunity to sell your crafts, blog about your crafts, and network with other artists!
  3. Save money on coffee! truth be told, I pay $5.85 for my favorite latte at Starbucks. Honestly, I don’t have a $5.85 latte budget, but I have a hard time accepting that fact. Shame on me! However, here is an idea. Instead of dropping $2.0o-$6.00 for a java fix, ask your company to invest in a coffee machine and gourmet beans. If your employer is not prepared to do that, speak amongst your colleagues for a “chip in”. A monthly coffee fund will be much cheaper and it is more convenient!
  4. Avon? Mary K? If you love make-up, jewelery and all of the girly things that life has to offer, you know that AVON has been a staple in household beauty for reasonable prices! If you have a good circle of friends they can help you by distributing the AVON books in their workplace and to their families! AVON now offers online service, so you can email invites to people you know to browse the products and use you as their rep! Instead of spending money on make-up, shower gel, shampoo, jewelery and the things you love, the more you sell the more products you can earn for free!
  5. Paid focus groups – Go to a search engine and type, “paid focus group”, followed by the city you live in. How would you like to make an extra $75 in cash just for taste testing coffee or giving your opinion on baby strollers? Most focus groups pay IN CASH at the end of the session. All you have to do is drive to the area where the study is being conducted, review the product. cha-ching!

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