Peg Bundy: Quotes And Photos

Peg Bundy was a household name and her saucy quotes and over the top wardrobe had audiences knee slapping and eye rolling. Kate Segal who played Peg Bundy in the hit television show did it right! Peg Bundy’s lifestyle isn’t typical, and borderline unacceptable, yet she had a way of making even the greatest Mom’s laughing and talking about her at the water cooler. Though Peg and Al’s marriage was clearly dysfunctional, couples and fans of the show probably felt better about their love…and marriage.


Here are some memorable quotes and photos from the queen of hairspray and steam:

  • “I tried to get Al to fix the driveway a long time ago. But his philosophy is why improve a home you’re only going to live in anyway?”


  • “So… we’ve certainly learned a lot about each other. We have no opinions on politics, religion, science, starving people, nuclear holocaust or recycling. The only thing we seem to feel strongly about is we both hate that painting behind Jay Leno.”


  • “And if you had what other men have, I wouldn’t need batteries anymore!”


  • “Kelly, its time we had a little talk. There is a thing men will want you to do when you get married; it’s called work.”


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