Mother’s Day Flowers

Thinking outside the box for presents doesn’t always turn out right.  How about, for Mother’s Day, we think inside and outside the box.  Is that possible?  Sure!

Inside of the box: Flowers.  Typical Mother’s Day present

Outside of the box: Flowers.  In a different form other than those that are given to us from Mother Nature or add a little twist to the real ones.












You can find small items that she likes and attach them to the vase that the flowers are in.  Pick up some mascara, candy, lipstick…etc.  She will be thrilled to see that you have remembered what her favorites are and that you bought her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Try bringing her out flowers with her breakfast, too!












Another gift idea that makes the flower arrangement less boring is to make your own arrangement!  If your mother loves to clean then here is a gift idea that is just for you!  Get blue and white flowers.  Any type of flower will do.  Go buy all of her favorite cleaning products that you always see her using around the house and fill up an entire basket.  Then, put the blue and white flower arrangement all through the basket so it looks the way you want it to.  You can add bows and different accessories if you would like to spiff it up a bit.













One of the last ideas that I have for you is to get a gift that has flowers on it.  A nice ring with your family member’s names on it is a wonderful idea.  It lets her know that the whole family picked it out and that they all appreciate her very much.  Other items can be found with flowers on them that would play a sentimental role on Mother’s Day.  Get her a pair of slippers with pretty posies on them that say GREATEST on one foot and MOM on the other.

You will get inspired to create your own ideas that involve flowers and then every Mother’s Day will be a breeze!

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