Volkswagen Values Perform For You

Volkswagen has taken on the challenge of meeting the highest expectations of its consumers, and strives to exhibit the values the company holds dear. To do so, they’ve created a series of short films. The films feature real VW drivers and the value they find in their VW vehicles.

Meet Andy, a triathlete who trains physically challenged racers. He gives them visual cues to the course. As an athlete, Andy is all about performance, and that’s why he’s chosen the Volkswagen GTI, a vehicle with “a little fight in it.” Check out the Volkswagen GTI and other VW vehicles and learn about their values.

Never Be Bored With Bordeaux

The Bordeaux Wine Council has announced the Today’s Bordeaux Selection – 100 wines priced under $35. They’ve provided a handy, easy to navigate website ( to help both the novice and experienced wine connoisseur find the perfect wine for his or her needs. Whether you’re invited to a friend’s rooftop picnic, a family-style dinner of organic, locally grown ingredients, or just want to relax with a fine glass of great wine, Bordeaux has you covered. Taken from the southwest of France near the Atlantic coast lies the Bordeaux wine region, where some of the finest grapes for wine making are grown, Bordeaux wines are amazing for any occasion.

Big Business in Small Packages This Saturday!

November 24th is Small Business Saturday. What does this mean to you? It’s your chance to show your local businesses that they do matter. Local businesses everywhere are gearing up for shoppers like you, preparing for the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Help them out. Stop by your area businesses on Saturday, November 24th.

Need help finding them? Visit the Shop Small website for more details after you check out this video:

A Choice for Healthy Moms

Ever tried to lose weight by going on a “fad” diet? One of those diets that has zero taste and all the stress, yet you lose very little weight? Of course. Most of us have tried the latest and greatest diet on the hot talk show of the day and had little to no success. This video sums it up nicely:

Healthy Choice doesn’t think you should suffer for marginal weight loss. Why torture yourselves – and your family – by eating food that tastes bad and leaves you feeling worse? Healthy Choice’s menu is delicious, nutritious, and not at all suspicious. It’s the solution you deserve for your healthy eating and weight loss needs.

Chest Exercises to Bust Bra Fat

Bye bye bra fat! Celebrity fitness and pro-athlete trainer Ashley Borden’s will help you unlock the potential in your body.

For Once, A Bank Wants To Make You Smile

Banks aren’t exactly the most popular entities these days, but one bank wants you to start smiling again. That’s why Sovereign Bank has put together a trio of fun and entertaining money-related videos to show a lighter side of money.

“Cat Paws and Gold Coins” shows you that even cats know the value of money:

If only money actually worked for you like this:

Someone taught this kid to bargain shop:

Nissan’s Altima Proposal

Who says cars aren’t good for more than just driving? A Nissan fan, Paul, promised Nissan that if he got to be one of the first to test out the new 2013 Altima, he’d propose to his girlfriend right there on the track. Sure enough, Nissan obliged. Paul brought his girlfriend, Jane, to the Nissan test track to test out the hot new ride, and in return Nissan helps him out with a memorable proposal. See what happens below, then check out the Nissan Facebook page for more memorable stories.

For Once, In-Flight Instructions You’ll Want To Watch

If you’re a mom with kids and you’ve taken a flight, you know how insanely boring the pre-flight instructions can be. Well, those wonderful kiwis at Air New Zealand have taken a different route…by creating new and entertaining instructions that people actually will enjoy watching. Previous videos have featured the talents of David Hasselhoff and Richard Simmons. The latest version has none other than Ed “Al Bundy” O’Neill in animated form, along with a host of other celebrities. In fact, if you can name all of the celebrities hidden within the video, you could win a flight around the world courtesy of Air New Zealand! After watching the following video, visit their site to enter!

Curler Girls Unite!

What kind of Curler Girl are you? Whether you’re an old pro or new to curling, Lancome’s got you covered with their latest invention, Le Curler. Le Curler is specially designed to make curling your lashes super easy, with a no-slip grip to prevent that awful pinching and pulling sensation, and it easily captures all of your lashes to give a fuller, thicker, longer appearance. Need some tips for getting the best result? Check out these videos:

If you’re a beginner at curling, check out these tips for a no fuss, no muss curl that will give you the best results:

Already skilled with curling? Get some tips for more dramatic, sweeping lashes:

Share your own curler stories over on the “Le Curler” tab on Lancome’s Facebook page.

Got Your 6: Watch Theirs Too

It’s time for Americans to give back to the armed forces, who watch America’s back while she sleeps. The “Got Your 6” program helps secure jobs as well as provide education, health care and housing for America’s veterans, is a prime way to support them. “Got Your 6” is military slang for “I’ve got your back, you’ve got mine”. Now it’s time for us to have their 6. What do Tom Hanks, Mila Jovavich, and Bradley Cooper all have in common? They stepped up to support the initiative, speaking out in these PSAs.

Visit the site Receive your “Got Your 6” support pin by visiting the site today!