Get Guidelines For A Healthy Lifestyle

If you feel that you are not all that healthy then you should really look into watching this video.  The video not only tells you how to eat but how much to eat of each nutrient.  You never knew how much protein you needed a day for the amount you weigh.  Watching this video will help you find out!

Mother’s Day Flowers

Thinking outside the box for presents doesn’t always turn out right.  How about, for Mother’s Day, we think inside and outside the box.  Is that possible?  Sure!

Inside of the box: Flowers.  Typical Mother’s Day present

Outside of the box: Flowers.  In a different form other than those that are given to us from Mother Nature or add a little twist to the real ones.












You can find small items that she likes and attach them to the vase that the flowers are in.  Pick up some mascara, candy, lipstick…etc.  She will be thrilled to see that you have remembered what her favorites are and that you bought her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Try bringing her out flowers with her breakfast, too!












Another gift idea that makes the flower arrangement less boring is to make your own arrangement!  If your mother loves to clean then here is a gift idea that is just for you!  Get blue and white flowers.  Any type of flower will do.  Go buy all of her favorite cleaning products that you always see her using around the house and fill up an entire basket.  Then, put the blue and white flower arrangement all through the basket so it looks the way you want it to.  You can add bows and different accessories if you would like to spiff it up a bit.













One of the last ideas that I have for you is to get a gift that has flowers on it.  A nice ring with your family member’s names on it is a wonderful idea.  It lets her know that the whole family picked it out and that they all appreciate her very much.  Other items can be found with flowers on them that would play a sentimental role on Mother’s Day.  Get her a pair of slippers with pretty posies on them that say GREATEST on one foot and MOM on the other.

You will get inspired to create your own ideas that involve flowers and then every Mother’s Day will be a breeze!

Find Your Inner Strength

Normally you are that person that reaches for the cake, right?  Now you are trying to find the fruit instead.  This is great!  Drop the chocolate that you eat after nine o’clock and grab a peach.  Find your inner strength by keeping sweets in the kitchen and see how long you can go without eating them.  Have a designated day where you can eat one doughnut or have some sweets.  Until then, let those cherry turnovers sit and grab the fruit.  Prunes help your sweet tooth cravings so be sure to grab those when you go to the store.

There’s A Nurse Advice Line?

Your child is bound to get sick, especially with frequent weather changes.  Being a new mom can be scary since you have never dealt with these problems on a daily basis until your baby came.  If you don’t know what to do and your doctor’s office is closed then you should think about calling Health Net’s Nurse Advice Line. Write down information that you would like to give them and also information that you would like to know.  This will help speed up the process so you will know if you should take your child to urgent care or not.  Also, talk about your own health problems.  If you are having health issues, even if it is just a cold, it could make your baby sick.  Let the nurse on the other line know what medications you are taking.  Make sure to tell them if you gave your child any medication, too.  This advice line will put your mind at ease if you are not sure what to do when you are unable to get a hold of your doctor.

Cake Pops

Order a special treat for yourself and the whole family.  These lollipops are actually made out of delicious cake and can be a late night snack when you are craving for sweets.  Cake pops can be ordered online, on the phone, or in a local bakery that makes them.  Spice up your child’s Easter basket with a few lamb lollipops.  They will be surprised to find out that the pops are actually filled with their favorite cake and the outer layer is icing.

Swollen Feet?

Why is it that when you are pregnant you still find yourself running around all of the time?  Never taking a break even when these months are when you need it the most.  You become Captain Do-It-All and forget that you swollen feet need a rest.  You can reduce the swelling if you simply just take a small break.  Sit down, prop your feet up, and rest.  Remind yourself that even though you know you need to stay active, you also need to slow yourself down throughout the day.  Soaking your feet in salt water and then applying foot-cooling cream will also reduce the swelling.  This too includes sitting down and taking a break.  You will have all of the time in the world to be Super Mom after your little one is born!

Check The Couch

Ever wonder where all of your jewelry has gone in the past month?  Let’s just say your little one has a few hiding places that you don’t know about.  It is now that time to lift up your couch cushions so you can start wearing your favorite bracelet again.  Imagine all of the money that you might have left on the counter.  There could be ten extra dollars right underneath your bottom that you never knew was there.  Get your children involved and have them help with the clean-up.  They might find their monster trucks or baby dolls, too.

That Dumb Dust!

According to Good Housekeeping, a house that has 6 rooms usually collects 40 POUNDS of those gross little particles that we like to call dust.  Not only do they make your house look dirty and give you a bad rep, they can cause different sicknesses such as Asthma.  Good Housekeeping tells us that 60% of the dust that is in our house actually comes from the outside!  Leaving shoes at the door can help cut down on the build-up.  You wouldn’t expect your kids’ stuffed animals to make them sick but you need to look closely and think again.  Your child’s bed could be covered in dust particles that are just floating around them in their room every day.  Make sure to suck up the dirt afterward so it doesn’t spread around.  That would defeat the whole purpose of cleaning it up!  Be sure to dust once a week and do it with the right kind of tool.  Feather dusters are not being used much anymore because they don’t do their job.  They actually throw the dust around instead if picking it up and getting rid of it.  If you are using a regular towel then be sure to make it damp.  It will collect the dust instead of pushing it around.  If you need more tips on dusting then be sure to go to the Good Housekeeping website.

Switch Up The Living Room

Sitting in the same spot gets old after a while, right?  That is how your couch feels when it is in the same exact spot year after year.  Change the way your living room is set up to make a change in your life.  Your husband won’t be staring at the same wall any more and the kids can all sit on the same piece of furniture to watch T.V.  Grab a cheap couch cover or even a colorful bed sheet and use it on the couch to liven up the atmosphere.  Change is sometimes good.  Especially if you have had the same living room setting for 10 years.  Use this as a weekend activity so you can really think about what you would like to do with the room arrangement.

Cleaning The Little Things

There are certain things around the house that you might not realize need a little bit of cleaning.  Take your garbage can for instance.  There is always an odor coming from the corner of the kitchen but now you can solve that problem.  Take a paper towel and spray it with some type of aerosol air freshener.  Then take the scented paper towel and rub it all along the inside of your garbage can.  Doing this once a week will keep that area smelling fresh.  Another little item around the house that a lot of people forget to clean up is the inside of small lamps.  These need dusted at least twice a week.  Use dusting wipes so that the particles won’t float around into the air.  Getting rid of dust will help keep yourself and your family healthy.  Being able to keep up with these small chores shouldn’t be a hassle.  It will take less than ten minutes to do both.  Quick and easy!