Television Moms

To all of the mothers all over the world:  Let us remember these television moms and how they have mastered the skill of motherhood.

1) Sophia Petrillo from The Golden Girls
2) Peg Bundy from Love And Marriage
3) Lorelai Gilmore from The Gilmore Girls
4) Carey Martin from The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody
5) Rosanne from Rosanne

Why A Colonoscopy?

When you have reached an age that is over 40 you should definitely call and make an appointment for a colonoscopy.  This is not a procedure that you need to be frightened by.  They send a tiny tube/camera through the rectum and all the way to the small intestine.  Sure, it doesn’t sound very pleasant, but it will help you and your health in the long run.  A colonoscopy is a procedure that you are semi-sedated for.  Doctors will be able to detect any signs of cancer and/or other problems with the functions of the bowel.  If you feel any type of abnormality within your stomach, a colonoscopy should not be thought twice about.  Get yourself checked out today!

Make A Scrapbook of “The Firsts”

Scrapbooking can put you to work but it is also very therapeutic.  Using your imagination as well as getting in touch with your creative sign can help you relax.  Take a day away from the house and buy all of your supplies.  A great idea is to plan out exactly what you want to make the scrapbook into.  What colors? What theme?  If you have not gotten around to putting baby pictures all in one album, you should consider making a book of “firsts.”  Let your body relax as you think back to all of the “firsts” that your baby has had.  Taking a stroll down memory lane is always needed once in a while.

Movie For Mom: Pretty In Pink

Make tonight a movie night!  Watch Pretty In Pink and see an old favorite, Molly Ringwald.  Molly Ringwald is now a mother of her own children, Adele and Roman.  These two cuties are twins!  Molly made her break as an actress in this unforgettable movie about a teenager who just doesn’t belong.  Andie (Ringwald’s character) was a brainiac the came from a not-so-wealthy family.  Without a mother, Andie had to live life as a woman on her own.  Of course, her dad was there, but it is not that same as having a mother.  Andie had to go through the struggles of trying to fit in at a prestigious school and being a teenage girl all at the same time.  Watch this movie and you will instantly feel as though it was you in your younger years.

Get Groceries For Free!

Who wants free groceries?  Besides everybody, all moms would love to have free groceries.  Baby food and formula are the main two items that can become disliked by your wallet.  Find out how to receive free groceries by clicking here.

Ford Goes Pink

Warriors In Pink have come a long way with helping to support breast cancer.  Ford, who created Warriors In Pink, donates to the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Do you have what it takes to be a Warrior In Pink?  Find out what your symbol is and then help Ford help others.  There is plenty of merchandise that you can buy that all goes towards the funding for a breast cancer cure.  Breast cancer is extremely serious so any donation is accepted.  If you have a penny, donate it!

How To Stay Motivated In The Winter

It is definitely not easy staying motivated during the Winter but there is a way!  One great way to feel fab instead of feeling drab is to wear bright colors.  It might be snowing outside and you are stuck inside, but just put on some vibrant shades of pink and yellow.  This tip will help you to think of Summer and put you in a better mood.  Wearing bright-colored scarves with that sweater to keep you warm is a great way to stay lively.  There is no doubt that you will want to eat more since you are unable to be outside all of the time.  Buy healthy snacks!  Do crunches in the living room if you don’t want to go out in the cold to go to the gym.  There are ways around gaining those 10 extra pounds if you just put your mind to it.  Get those kids off to school and start motivating yourself!

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Use Your Favorite Games As Decorations

Decorations that are extremely fancy look great but something that is made with your own hands and creativity is better.  Pick out one of your favorite childhood games or one of your child’s favorite games.  Buy a plain picture frame and make sure to have a picture of your family ready.   Take pieces from the games you picked out and glue them on the frame.  You will have a frame that shows your favorite game and also a decoration that is very creative.

3 Great Ways To Manage Stress

If someone tells you that they have never been stressed out, they are lying.  Especially if you have a child.  Having a baby is wonderful but at the same time it can cause you to feel different ways about your life.  You have to sit and ask yourself about what you want.  Do you want Tuesday nights free so you can relax and watch a show?  Would you like to be a part of your twin boys’ baseball games but you are too tired when the weekend comes?  If you start to manage your stress then you will be able to work activities and “me” time into your life.  Here are a few steps to help you start:

Write In A Journal

Writing is very therapeutic.  Letting all of your feelings go in a place where no one else can see them is one of the best stress-relievers.  Yelling at a family member or co-worker then saying sorry three days later can cause more stress.  Let go of the small issues that irritate you in a journal and leave the huge issues for a day of conversation.

Eat Everything

Yep.  I said it.  Eat everything.  Buy fruits and vegetables and just go to town with them.  Grab a fat-free dip and allow yourself to eat half of the container.  It might not be pizza but the fruits and veggies will satisfy your impulse to eat.

Get To The Gym

Once a week be prepared to kick some butt!  Schedule in a kick-boxing cardio class and beat that stress away.

Mom, Cut Back On The Salt!

You look at the label and you see that what you want to buy is low-fat, 20 calories per serving, and 750mg of salt.  Please put that back on the shelf, Mom.  You should not have that much salt in one serving and if there are two servings in the package, that is even worse.  Causing you to retain more water weight and making you feel bloated, salt is not your best friend.  Along with making everything taste delicious, table salt also causes dehydration.  Did you know that it takes the water right out of your bloodstream which is what makes you dehydrated.  That sounds like a reason to keep tipping those crystals right into your potato salad.

There are ways to get away from a bad salt habit that you should probably take into consideration.  The trick I tried was to actually substitute it for pepper.  Pepper still gives you a burst of flavor but it is not as nearly as unhealthy as salt is.  When you are out, ask for no salt.  If you have bought food that you already feel is unhealthy, DON NOT ADD SALT!  Most of these are common sense but you will forget to do them until you actually have your own salt routine.