Use Your Favorite Games As Decorations

Decorations that are extremely fancy look great but something that is made with your own hands and creativity is better.  Pick out one of your favorite childhood games or one of your child’s favorite games.  Buy a plain picture frame and make sure to have a picture of your family ready.   Take pieces from the games you picked out and glue them on the frame.  You will have a frame that shows your favorite game and also a decoration that is very creative.

Switch Up The Living Room

Sitting in the same spot gets old after a while, right?  That is how your couch feels when it is in the same exact spot year after year.  Change the way your living room is set up to make a change in your life.  Your husband won’t be staring at the same wall any more and the kids can all sit on the same piece of furniture to watch T.V.  Grab a cheap couch cover or even a colorful bed sheet and use it on the couch to liven up the atmosphere.  Change is sometimes good.  Especially if you have had the same living room setting for 10 years.  Use this as a weekend activity so you can really think about what you would like to do with the room arrangement.

Get Funky

Need a splash of color in your house?  Buy a painting that has hundreds of different colors in it and hang it up in any room of the house.  Putting a funky piece of art in your house will liven up the mood.  Even if you are a person who likes to color coordinate, you can do find art too.  You will find many different paintings at places like T.J. Max and Marshalls.  They are cheap and stylish for any room in the house.  Matching many colors to a room where there are only two main focus colors can be a bit difficult but I assure you that it is possible.  Just find a piece of art that has those two colors in it and also many other colors.  It is that simple.  You will fill up your room with a lot of life and your family will also enjoy looking at a painting on the wall that gives it edge.  If you don’t mind spending a little money, grab something that takes up the whole wall.  It might cost a lot, but if you don’t mind it just buy it!

Cleaning After The Holidays

One of the hardest things to do after the holidays is to clean up the “mess.”  All of the Christmas decorations have to be put away and we all know that takes time.  Here is a tip: Don’t put the snowmen away!  Any decoration that is not red and green can stay out until February.  Blues and whites resemble snow and so do all of your snowmen trinkets.  You can clean up slowly instead of taking three days to put everything back in storage.  Even the Christmas tree can stay up through January until you get enough strength to start taking the ornaments off.  As long as it’s still winter, all of the decorations that remind you of this season can stay.  Try this new method of putting Christmas items away and you will be stress free.  You’ll have a lot more time on your hands to do the things you want and also go to your job without worrying about packing winter back into it’s boxes.

It’s Christmas Tree Time

Ever get sick of the same decorations on your tree?  Bring life back into your home during the holiday season by mixing it up a little bit.  This is the time to be creative.  Pick your favorite colors and add some Christmas cheer to get a wonderful tree that you and the family can enjoy.  Check out these different trees and maybe they will give you some ideas.

Redecorating the Kitchen

There comes a time in every kitchen’s life where it needs a bit of a change.  The question is:  What kind of change?  New appliances or just a new paint job?  Should the whole kitchen be remodeled?  It depends.  If you don’t like the layout anymore, then yes, of course have it remodeled.  If you’re just looking for something different then a few decorations and different colored paint can help.  I wouldn’t recommend using wallpaper anymore if you have in the past.  If you want designs hire someone to do them or use stencils so you can do it yourself.

Also, when choosing colors, try to pick bright ones.  If you will be eating and hanging out a lot in the kitchen you want it to have an energetic atmosphere.  I know in my parent’s house the kitchen is the first room that guests walk into when they come over.  There are bright sunflower decorations and pale yellow walls that give the kitchen a welcoming feel.

Painting and buying decorations isn’t what you were going for?  If you just want to change one thing about your kitchen then try one of these refrigerator skins. They’re perfect for giving a little bit of spice to the room.

When decorating, always keep in mind that you don’t have to dig deep into your bank account to find the best things that fit your taste.  Don’t forget about T.J. Maxx, Ross’s, Gabriel Brothers, Marshalls, and any other discount store near you!  Have fun switching up your style.