How to Stay Organized

Organized ClosetStaying organized is a problem for nearly everyone, but for moms it can be especially difficult.  In-between feeding the baby, driving your eldest to school, rushing to work and cooking dinner, how on earth are you supposed to stay organized?  Staying organized will help you accomplish your day-to-day tasks more quickly.  Below is a list of tips on how to help you stay organized.

1.  When you’re finished, put it back.  This isn’t just a rule for children, as it turns out.

2.  Systems are the key to staying organized.  Don’t just shove that book, folder, or pot back in any old location–have a specific place where each item belongs, and make sure that it always stays there.  (That way, you’ll actually be able to find things.)

3.  Storage space  This is where Ikea and Office Max come in handy.  Go out and buy some folders or plastic storage bins.  Then actually use them, and not in a well-I’ll-just-stash-whatever-I-can-fit-in-here-in-order-to-get-it-out-of-the-way.

4.  Do a weekly clean/re-organize session.  Life is messy.  Kids are messy, and sometimes, despite our best intentions, we just don’t have time to make sure that everything gets back to its place.  Once a week, go through and make sure that everything is clean and tidy.  Doing this frequently makes it  easier and less laborious for you.

Good luck.

Check The Couch

Ever wonder where all of your jewelry has gone in the past month?  Let’s just say your little one has a few hiding places that you don’t know about.  It is now that time to lift up your couch cushions so you can start wearing your favorite bracelet again.  Imagine all of the money that you might have left on the counter.  There could be ten extra dollars right underneath your bottom that you never knew was there.  Get your children involved and have them help with the clean-up.  They might find their monster trucks or baby dolls, too.

That Dumb Dust!

According to Good Housekeeping, a house that has 6 rooms usually collects 40 POUNDS of those gross little particles that we like to call dust.  Not only do they make your house look dirty and give you a bad rep, they can cause different sicknesses such as Asthma.  Good Housekeeping tells us that 60% of the dust that is in our house actually comes from the outside!  Leaving shoes at the door can help cut down on the build-up.  You wouldn’t expect your kids’ stuffed animals to make them sick but you need to look closely and think again.  Your child’s bed could be covered in dust particles that are just floating around them in their room every day.  Make sure to suck up the dirt afterward so it doesn’t spread around.  That would defeat the whole purpose of cleaning it up!  Be sure to dust once a week and do it with the right kind of tool.  Feather dusters are not being used much anymore because they don’t do their job.  They actually throw the dust around instead if picking it up and getting rid of it.  If you are using a regular towel then be sure to make it damp.  It will collect the dust instead of pushing it around.  If you need more tips on dusting then be sure to go to the Good Housekeeping website.

Cleaning The Little Things

There are certain things around the house that you might not realize need a little bit of cleaning.  Take your garbage can for instance.  There is always an odor coming from the corner of the kitchen but now you can solve that problem.  Take a paper towel and spray it with some type of aerosol air freshener.  Then take the scented paper towel and rub it all along the inside of your garbage can.  Doing this once a week will keep that area smelling fresh.  Another little item around the house that a lot of people forget to clean up is the inside of small lamps.  These need dusted at least twice a week.  Use dusting wipes so that the particles won’t float around into the air.  Getting rid of dust will help keep yourself and your family healthy.  Being able to keep up with these small chores shouldn’t be a hassle.  It will take less than ten minutes to do both.  Quick and easy!

Clean To Be Lean

Recent studies show that if you are a cleaner you become leaner.  Cleaning the house could be a possible way to keep your weight down and stay physically active.  Making sue you sweat is the key to this fitness tip.  Wash the walls if you can and vacuum as much as possible.  Pushing yourself for 10 minutes to clean vigorously is exactly what you’re looking for while doing this activity.

Cleaning After The Holidays

One of the hardest things to do after the holidays is to clean up the “mess.”  All of the Christmas decorations have to be put away and we all know that takes time.  Here is a tip: Don’t put the snowmen away!  Any decoration that is not red and green can stay out until February.  Blues and whites resemble snow and so do all of your snowmen trinkets.  You can clean up slowly instead of taking three days to put everything back in storage.  Even the Christmas tree can stay up through January until you get enough strength to start taking the ornaments off.  As long as it’s still winter, all of the decorations that remind you of this season can stay.  Try this new method of putting Christmas items away and you will be stress free.  You’ll have a lot more time on your hands to do the things you want and also go to your job without worrying about packing winter back into it’s boxes.

Christmas Cleaning Music Playlist

You’ve got a lot of cleaning and organizing to do but no motivation.  Grab these tunes and get to steppin!  Mom, you’re the one in charge and you’ve got the power of Christmas in the palm of your hand!  Turn up the jams and have fun while you get your house ready for the family.

1.) N*SYNC Merry Christmas Happy Holidays

2.) Katherine McPhee It’s Not Christmas Without You

3.) Aly & A.J. Jingle Bell Rock

4.) Natalie Cole The 12 Days of Christmas

5.) Christina Aguilera Christmas Time

6.) David Archuleta Oh Holy Night

7.) Mariah Carey All I Want for Christmas Is You

8.) Justin Bieber Someday At Christmas

9.) Ashley Tisdale Last Christmas

10.) Hillary Duff & Lil’ Romeo Tell Me A Story