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Ever tried to lose weight by going on a “fad” diet? One of those diets that has zero taste and all the stress, yet you lose very little weight? Of course. Most of us have tried the latest and greatest diet on the hot talk show of the day and had little to no success. This video sums it up nicely:

Healthy Choice doesn’t think you should suffer for marginal weight loss. Why torture yourselves – and your family – by eating food that tastes bad and leaves you feeling worse? Healthy Choice’s menu is delicious, nutritious, and not at all suspicious. It’s the solution you deserve for your healthy eating and weight loss needs.

Fighting the Freshman 15 with Lou Ferrigno

ferrigno 1

In this EgoTV exclusive video, the Hulk himself gives us great tips on how to stay fit in the dorms:

Tummy Flattening Smoothie

Flat tummies can be nearly impossible to maintain when on the go between family and daily activities with the kids. Take a moment for yourself to breathe! This delicious smoothie is easy to prepare and can help flatten our tummy! It’s very easy to use a busy lifestyle as an excuse for gaining some unwanted weight, but when you have some extra time in your day go for a walk! You will be surprised how easily you can the weight to come off.

This smoothie has digestion supporting ingredients that will help prevent bloating and digestive stress that can sabotage your tummy flattening efforts.

  • 3/4 c. papaya
  • 3/4c. sliced peaches
  • 1/2 pear, sliced
  • 1 tsp fresh ginger
  • 2 mint leaves
  • Water to thin

Blend and enjoy!

Mom, Cut Back On The Salt!

You look at the label and you see that what you want to buy is low-fat, 20 calories per serving, and 750mg of salt.  Please put that back on the shelf, Mom.  You should not have that much salt in one serving and if there are two servings in the package, that is even worse.  Causing you to retain more water weight and making you feel bloated, salt is not your best friend.  Along with making everything taste delicious, table salt also causes dehydration.  Did you know that it takes the water right out of your bloodstream which is what makes you dehydrated.  That sounds like a reason to keep tipping those crystals right into your potato salad.

There are ways to get away from a bad salt habit that you should probably take into consideration.  The trick I tried was to actually substitute it for pepper.  Pepper still gives you a burst of flavor but it is not as nearly as unhealthy as salt is.  When you are out, ask for no salt.  If you have bought food that you already feel is unhealthy, DON NOT ADD SALT!  Most of these are common sense but you will forget to do them until you actually have your own salt routine.

Stay Active At Any Age With Acai

Being able to take time to stay active with an entire family to take care of gets pretty tough.  There is a simple and easy way to keep the pounds down without having to exercise excessively.  The Acai Berry Diet really does work wonders.  Look at Acai as a way to make your body healthier and not smaller.  It is not only meant to help you lose weight, but these diet supplements have been recommended by colon cleansing specialists for cleaning out the bad toxins.  These toxins have built up over the years and need a little bit of a release.  Feeling energized and more alert from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to sleep is always a plus.

Have more time and fun with your children by getting a dose of Acai.  Being able to get rid of the built up “crud” that is now attached to the walls of your colon will open up a new door for your life.  Eating healthy must also be done but this won’t be hard to do once you feel the way Acai Berry makes you feel.

Try it out for 2 weeks and let us know the results.  This supplement is not like the rest.  You get a more natural feeling out of it than you would if you were taking something like Hydroxycut.  Staying active at any age will happen by taking these supplements.  According to Amazon Acai Berry.com, these little berries are just jam packed with vitamins and minerals to help boost your energy.  See what it can do for you!


One way to lose weight is by watching what you eat.  There are a couple of dieting plans out there that can help you to jump start your weight loss.  Nutri System is one of them.  You are the one always struggling to keep up with eating meals at the right time and also eating healthy.  You won’t have to worry about that any more because you will have healthy food to choose from with this program.  This program also allows you to maintain a scheduled diet that you will get into the habit of.  Working out is something that you have to do on your own.  Getting help from different fitness websites will guide you through the beginning process of working out.  If you really want to lose weight, try Nutri System.  Stick with it because if you don’t you will be right back where you started.

Clean To Be Lean

Recent studies show that if you are a cleaner you become leaner.  Cleaning the house could be a possible way to keep your weight down and stay physically active.  Making sue you sweat is the key to this fitness tip.  Wash the walls if you can and vacuum as much as possible.  Pushing yourself for 10 minutes to clean vigorously is exactly what you’re looking for while doing this activity.

Space Bride On Weight Watchers

A couple recently got married in outer space.  The bride, Erin Finnegan, and her husband wanted to do something totally different for their wedding.  They decided to do it astronaut style.  Erin, who lost 53 pounds for her wedding, was extremely excited to be floating in space while giving her vowels.  You are probably wondering about the 53 pounds though.  She lost it by doing Weight Watchers!  I’ve heard a lot about this program and it seems great.  You have a support team that go to the WW meetings and you also have a diet that is planned out for you by a point system.  The point system is easy to keep track of and helps you with what not to eat during the day.  If you are struggling with weight, this is one place that I suggest you check into.  Only you can keep yourself on a healthy and stable diet but Weight Watchers can be the first and last step to getting you where you want to be with your physique.