Goldie Blox Makes Engineering Fun And Accessible to Growing Minds

Goldie Blox, a finalist for Intuit’s Small Business, Big Game campaign, offers an interesting approach when it comes to engaging young minds in the field of engineering. Through reading and story, the goal is to offer young girls another outlet to let out their creativity and expand their minds. As a mother, this gives me peace of mind knowing that I can offer my children something which will not only tickle their imagination but provide them with real life skills and an understanding of how the world works.

For Once, A Bank Wants To Make You Smile

Banks aren’t exactly the most popular entities these days, but one bank wants you to start smiling again. That’s why Sovereign Bank has put together a trio of fun and entertaining money-related videos to show a lighter side of money.

“Cat Paws and Gold Coins” shows you that even cats know the value of money:

If only money actually worked for you like this:

Someone taught this kid to bargain shop:

Jules Cobb: “Cougartown” Funny Quotes

Courtney Cougartown

Cougartown’s Jules Cobb, played by Courteney Cox, is a witty, wild, and over-thinking “divorcee” raising a teen son. In today’s world, a divorced Mother raising a teenager and “playing the field” is quite the polar opposite of the life led by TV moms like June Cleaver. The “d” word was barely discussed in the 50’s and 60’s, but today with the divorce rates being so high it seems there are more “divorcees” on dating sites over singles. Perhaps this is why “Cougartown” has been, thus far, a successful television show. We get it.

We get Jules.

In “Cougartown” Jules holds a circle of friends that support her, put her in her place, take back the support they gave her, and join her for a glass of wine after a bitter disagreement. Her extended family is pretty interesting; Her ex-husband is amongst the circle. HmMm. Imagine that!

Whether you’re married, divorced, never been married, or twice divorced; Jules Cobb, played by Courteney Cox, delivers comebacks that have “proud to be a cougar” written all over them. What Jules wants, she thinks she deserves. The show is a real “roar”.

Yes, Jules. We-get-you!

Here are some memorable quotes from our TV cougar:



Jules: “One Soy Latte for Lady J. Love Explosion!”


Courtney Cougartown

Ellie: “You use four towels every shower?”
Jules: :”Face, body, hair, feet!”


Courteney Cox On 'Cougar Town'

Jules: “Are you two dummies out in the yard again playing human Whac-A-Mole?”


Jules: I love Valentine’s day. I don’t care if I get flowers or deer skin.


In Courteney’s personal life, it seems her role on “Cougartown”  has become partial reality. Courteney’s eleven year marriage to actor, David Arquette ended in October 2010 after eleven years of marriage. Courteney and David have one daughter, Coco.

A Gallery of Princess Diana and Prince William

In honor of the royal wedding, here is a gallery  of the late Princess Diana and her son, Prince William. Though over one billion people watched the ceremony today to see the beauty of the love between a royal and his bride, it was also a reminder of the late Princess Diana.

Princess Diana was a wonderful Mother who lived for her children. There is no question Prince William looks very much like his Mother. Prince William was beaming with happiness, and no doubt had to find his inner strength in remembering his Mother, the late Princess Diana, on his special day.


Peg Bundy: Quotes And Photos

Peg Bundy was a household name and her saucy quotes and over the top wardrobe had audiences knee slapping and eye rolling. Kate Segal who played Peg Bundy in the hit television show did it right! Peg Bundy’s lifestyle isn’t typical, and borderline unacceptable, yet she had a way of making even the greatest Mom’s laughing and talking about her at the water cooler. Though Peg and Al’s marriage was clearly dysfunctional, couples and fans of the show probably felt better about their love…and marriage.


Here are some memorable quotes and photos from the queen of hairspray and steam:

  • “I tried to get Al to fix the driveway a long time ago. But his philosophy is why improve a home you’re only going to live in anyway?”


  • “So… we’ve certainly learned a lot about each other. We have no opinions on politics, religion, science, starving people, nuclear holocaust or recycling. The only thing we seem to feel strongly about is we both hate that painting behind Jay Leno.”


  • “And if you had what other men have, I wouldn’t need batteries anymore!”


  • “Kelly, its time we had a little talk. There is a thing men will want you to do when you get married; it’s called work.”


Television Moms

To all of the mothers all over the world:  Let us remember these television moms and how they have mastered the skill of motherhood.

1) Sophia Petrillo from The Golden Girls
2) Peg Bundy from Love And Marriage
3) Lorelai Gilmore from The Gilmore Girls
4) Carey Martin from The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody
5) Rosanne from Rosanne