How to Stay Organized

Organized ClosetStaying organized is a problem for nearly everyone, but for moms it can be especially difficult.  In-between feeding the baby, driving your eldest to school, rushing to work and cooking dinner, how on earth are you supposed to stay organized?  Staying organized will help you accomplish your day-to-day tasks more quickly.  Below is a list of tips on how to help you stay organized.

1.  When you’re finished, put it back.  This isn’t just a rule for children, as it turns out.

2.  Systems are the key to staying organized.  Don’t just shove that book, folder, or pot back in any old location–have a specific place where each item belongs, and make sure that it always stays there.  (That way, you’ll actually be able to find things.)

3.  Storage space  This is where Ikea and Office Max come in handy.  Go out and buy some folders or plastic storage bins.  Then actually use them, and not in a well-I’ll-just-stash-whatever-I-can-fit-in-here-in-order-to-get-it-out-of-the-way.

4.  Do a weekly clean/re-organize session.  Life is messy.  Kids are messy, and sometimes, despite our best intentions, we just don’t have time to make sure that everything gets back to its place.  Once a week, go through and make sure that everything is clean and tidy.  Doing this frequently makes it  easier and less laborious for you.

Good luck.