Jules Cobb: “Cougartown” Funny Quotes

Courtney Cougartown

Cougartown’s Jules Cobb, played by Courteney Cox, is a witty, wild, and over-thinking “divorcee” raising a teen son. In today’s world, a divorced Mother raising a teenager and “playing the field” is quite the polar opposite of the life led by TV moms like June Cleaver. The “d” word was barely discussed in the 50’s and 60’s, but today with the divorce rates being so high it seems there are more “divorcees” on dating sites over singles. Perhaps this is why “Cougartown” has been, thus far, a successful television show. We get it.

We get Jules.

In “Cougartown” Jules holds a circle of friends that support her, put her in her place, take back the support they gave her, and join her for a glass of wine after a bitter disagreement. Her extended family is pretty interesting; Her ex-husband is amongst the circle. HmMm. Imagine that!

Whether you’re married, divorced, never been married, or twice divorced; Jules Cobb, played by Courteney Cox, delivers comebacks that have “proud to be a cougar” written all over them. What Jules wants, she thinks she deserves. The show is a real “roar”.

Yes, Jules. We-get-you!

Here are some memorable quotes from our TV cougar:



Jules: “One Soy Latte for Lady J. Love Explosion!”


Courtney Cougartown

Ellie: “You use four towels every shower?”
Jules: :”Face, body, hair, feet!”


Courteney Cox On 'Cougar Town'

Jules: “Are you two dummies out in the yard again playing human Whac-A-Mole?”


Jules: I love Valentine’s day. I don’t care if I get flowers or deer skin.


In Courteney’s personal life, it seems her role on “Cougartown”  has become partial reality. Courteney’s eleven year marriage to actor, David Arquette ended in October 2010 after eleven years of marriage. Courteney and David have one daughter, Coco.